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Who we are

Asia Deco INC. is an importer of decoration items from Asia and was founded in 1997. Our clients consist of large retailchains, detaillers and purchase agents that are active within Europe. Our strength is based on the excellent relationships we have with suppliers in Asia and our focus on working together to satisfy the requirements of the entire process chain and the demands of the market.

What we do

Asia Deco INC. is constantly searching for new products en concepts that fit the desires of our clients.

With the right expertise, experience and network our buyers are translating these desires to new, fun en original products on a daily basis and all of that against a very attractive price.

Our products

Asia Deco INC. has a wide range of products that can be divided in the following segments: Decorative products, housing products, season products and party products. Our products are always being renewed, for a very good price.

We attach great values to a personal relationship with our clients, therefore do not hesitate to contact our team.

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